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Building the System
Add Major Accessories
Add Specialty Accessories and Machines
Safety Factors Built into the System
Important Safety Equipment
General Safety Rules for Power Tools

MARK V Introduction
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Add Specialty Accessories and Machines

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Figure 1-14. The Shopsmith Grinding Wheel.

Add the specialty accessories--Dadoing, Shaping, Molding, Joining, Mortising, Routing and Drum Sanding--to your Shopsmith Woodworking System and you'll be able to add professional finishing touches to your projects. Touches such as decorative edges, interesting surface designs and unique joinery.


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Figure 1-15. The Shopsmith Sharpening Guide.

Grinding and sharpening accessories such as the Grinding Wheel (Figure 1-14) and the Sharpening Guide (Figure 1-15) will enable you to sharpen lathe chisels, shaper cutters, and jointer and planer knives. Sharp tools are very important. They cut easily and more accurately, and are safer to use.



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Figure 1-16. The Shopsmith Lathe Duplicator.

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Figure 1-17. The Shopsmith Routing System.

When you add the specialty machines--Lathe Duplicator, Biscuit Joiner, Routing System and Strip Sander--you are set for practically any operation. The lathe duplicator (Figure 1-16) lets you make identical turnings such as matching table legs or spindles for a railing quickly and accurately. You can also do freehand turning. The routing system (Figure 1-17) helps you create duplicate work-pieces with the use of fixtures and templates. It is also used for creat-ing decorative surfaces and edges on workpieces and many types of joinery. The strip sander (Figure 1-18) will sand the internal and external edges of projects, sharpen tools, and perform buffing operations.

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Figure 1-18. The Shopsmith Strip Sander.

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Figure 1-19. The retractable casters are foot operated. They raise the machine for mobility or allow it to seat solidly on the floor.

The entire Shopsmith Wood-working System is even more appealing when retractable casters (Figure 1-19) are installed on the Mark V and Power Stands. The casters are designed for easy installation and quick positioning of the machine to be lifted either 1/4" or 1/2" off the floor. When the casters are in the neutral position, the machine rests solidly on the floor.

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